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What You Will Need for Your Appointment

A Referral from Your Dentist

Please bring a referral from your dentist to the appointment. This vital document is the primary means of communicating your dentist's plan or concerns to our oral surgery team. Most referring dentists have copies of our referral form. We also certainly accept any other type of referral form or a note, memo, letter email, or prescription that indicates what surgical treatment the dentist is recommending and why. Communication is the most important part.

Current, Diagnostic-Quality Radiographs (X-Rays)

If X-rays are not given by your dentist, we will take them at the time of your pre-operative appointment. If your dentist office uses digital radiography equipment, they can email the radiographs to us.

List of All Medications

Please supply a complete and accurate list of all medications and drugs you are currently taking. This includes over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements.

Medical History

You may print a copy of our medical history form from this website. If you cannot bring paperwork of your medical history, we will give you a brief form to fill out. It is important we have all your information, including allergies, prior surgeries, and any medical conditions.

Dental Insurance Information

If you have one or more dental benefit plans, you need your plan ID cards, so we can confirm coverage and determine benefits. Although we do not participate with any medical plans, some procedures require submission to your medical plan before your dental plan will cover them. Please also bring your medical insurance card with you. We need the subscriber's name, date of birth, and social security number if possible.

Personal Identification

We require a driver's license or some form of official identification and your SSN. If you object to this or have no SSN or means of identification, we will not turn you away.

Contact Information

We request a good current phone number to contact you in the rare case you appointment must be changed. This only happens for unusual circumstances, such as severe weather preventing the staff from coming into our office.